HEUG Asia - Hong Kong Agenda

Conference Program Preview

As of 10 March 2023 - Subject to change.

The Future of Student Systems
Improving the Student Experience in a Global and Digital Economy
Your Student Experience: going beyond boundaries using composable architecture
Journey to the Next Generation Student Information System
Streamlining Curriculum Approval: Implementing a Curriculum Management System
The Future on Cloud for Timetabling and Resource Management Systems
Using Mobile app to engage students with residential college education
Digitalize the Management of Student Affairs
Beyond Grades – Reimagining Possibilities in the Co-Curricular Space via an Integrated Co-Curriculum Management System and Co-Curricular Transcript
Journey to Modernise SIM’s Student Information System
Managing Curriculum as a Strategic Asset
Protecting Next Gen Student System with Secure By Design
Transformation at Higher Education
A tailor-made Moodle Teams Integration
Digital Transformation in Finance Office
Managing our User Demands, Project Portfolios, Commitment, Performance, Resources and Priority with an Integrated End-to-End Project Management Platform
The Power of Automation: Leveraging Digital Workflows to Unlock Efficiency in the Digital Age
Metaverse as an engagement platform for alumni and friends
Examination Paper Lifecycle Management
Engage and Enhance student learning experiences with the imaginX offerings