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Presenting at HEUG Asia - Hong Kong

HEUG Asia - Hong Kong is a user-driven conference with high-quality presentations across ALL ERP Systems and a broad spectrum of topics. Speakers should use and follow the HEUG Asia presentation guidelines in developing and submitting their proposals.

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Session Policies

  • Member Sessions - All primary presenters and co-presenters must be an Institutional, Allied, Subscriber member of the Higher Education User Group or an exhibitor at HEUG Asia. HEUG Asia Exhibitors may be a co-presenter; however, the majority of content should be presented by the member. 
  • Exhibitor Sessions - All exhibitors should refer to the Exhibitor FAQ for submission rules and instructions. Only registered exhibitors will be allowed to present and co-present at HEUG Asia, no exceptions will be made. If you are not sure about the status of one of your co-presenters, please contact regional-support@heug.org for clarification. Member primary and co-presenters are not eligible for complimentary passes for paid exhibitor sessions (any session listed in the exhibitor track). 

Presenter Registration Policies

  • Member primary presenters are eligible for one (1) complimentary or discounted pass to the HEUG Asia. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.  Co-presenters will be required to register and pay.   
  • Once your session has been approved, you will not be able to change or transfer the presenter’s name. Swapping the primary and co-presenter is prohibited. 
  • As a primary presenter, you must ‘accept’ your session for the conference by 24 April, 2023 or you risk having your session(s) removed from the schedule. Contact conference support at regional-support@heug.org if you have any issues accepting your session(s). 
  • Primary presenters must register for the conference by 26 April, 2023, or risk having your session(s) removed from the schedule. Sessions cancelled due to failure to register are forfeited outright. 
  • Primary presenters of exhibitor sessions are not eligible for the member presenter complimentary or discounted passes to HEUG Asia.  Exhibitor registrations are dependent on their sponsorship package. Please contact exhibitors@heug.org for details. 
  • No other expenses are reimbursed by the HEUG Regional Alliance Conferences