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Identity, Access Governance & Zero Trust: Let’s automate enterprise apps to Strengthen Security...

Track: Technical & Reporting

Session Number: 7532
Date: Fri, Nov 4th, 2022
Time: 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
Room: -1.12
Capacity: 1/50


Today’s organisations allow a combination of internal users, students, visitors, vendors, and third-party service providers to access multiple systems and perform a variety of business transactions. This kind of access to the system and the associated information could potentially cause security and compliance risks if not managed properly. In addition, provisioning and deprovisioning users is usually a manual, time-consuming task that diverts valuable IT resources from more critical jobs.

Join Greg Sosna who will explain what Zero-Trust is, and how it can be retro-fitted to legacy ERP apps. He will also discuss how shifting to unified and automated security controls across your entire application eco-system not only removes manual work, but also brings additional layers of security, along with streamlined governance processes.

In this session, learn how to:
1. offload user identity from individual apps (including PeopleSoft and EBS) to a modern Identity Provider to allow for Single Sign-On experience
2. automate workflows, including user onboarding access requests, changes, and off-boarding
3. identify and resolve Segregation of Duties violations using automated suggestions
4. hide sensitive data when risk profile is high
5. enable Multi-Factor Authentication where actually needed
6. perform periodic user access reviews and audits in minutes and hours, not weeks.
Session Type: Regular Session

Session Type: Regular Session


Primary Presenter
Greg Sosna
ERP Cybersecurity Strategist (Australasia & Asia Pacific)