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Presenting at SEARUG Alliance 2022

SEARUG Alliance is a user-driven conference with high-quality presentations across ALL ERP Systems and a broad spectrum of topics. Speakers should use and follow the SEARUG Alliance presentation guidelines in developing and submitting their proposals.

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Session submissions are closed.

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Session Policies

  • Member Sessions - All primary presenters and co-presenters must be an Institutional, Allied, Subscriber member of the Higher Education User Group or an exhibitor at SEARUG Alliance 2022.   SEARUG Alliance Exhibitors may be a co-presenter; however, the majority of content should be presented by the member. 
  • Exhibitor Sessions - All exhibitors should refer to the Exhibitor FAQ for submission rules and instructions. Only registered exhibitors will be allowed to present and co-present at SEARUG Alliance 2022, no exceptions will be made. If you are not sure about the status of one of your co-presenters, please contact regional-support@heug.org for clarification. Member primary and co-presenters are not eligible for complimentary passes for paid exhibitor sessions (any session listed in the exhibitor track). 

Presenter Registration Policies

  • Member primary presenters are eligible for one (1) complimentary or discounted pass to the SEARUG Alliance 2022. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.  Co-presenters will be required to register and pay.   
  • Once your session has been approved, you will not be able to change or transfer the presenter’s name. Swapping the primary and co-presenter is prohibited. 
  • As a primary presenter, you must ‘accept’ your session for the conference by August 26, 2022, or you risk having your session(s) removed from the schedule. Contact conference support at regional-support@heug.org if you have any issues accepting your session(s). 
  • Primary presenters must register for the conference by September 20, 2022, or risk having your session(s) removed from the schedule. Sessions cancelled due to failure to register are forfeited outright. 
  • Primary presenters of exhibitor sessions are not eligible for the member presenter complimentary or discounted passes to SEARUG Alliance 2022 Conference.  Exhibitor registrations are dependent on their sponsorship package. Please contact exhibitors@heug.org for details. 
  • No other expenses are reimbursed by the HEUG Regional Alliance Conferences

Liability Waiver 

I understand that travel and gathering involves risk of illness, including illness from COVID-19. I (and on behalf of my guest(s)) waive and release HEUG and its sponsors and exhibitors, and their volunteers and agents, from and against claims, liabilities and expenses arising from injury, illness or death from contraction or spread of COVID-19 or other communicable disease due to travel to or attendance at an event sponsored by HEUG. 
I will take necessary precautions and abide all safety protocols implemented on-site for the event and agree to not attend any HEUG event if I feel ill or had recent exposure to a COVID-19 case. HEUG will continue to diligently monitor all conditions related to COVID-19 between now and the start of the conference event. HEUG reserves the right to modify health screening protocols at their discretion. This is a very fluid time, and we will continue to evaluate what is needed to ensure your safety. We will keep all participants updated as we get closer to the event. We will also keep all participants updated through the email address listed on their SEARUG Alliance 2022 registration form as we get closer to the event and as a condition of participation you agree to follow all protocols. 
This waiver and release are binding on me and my heirs and successors.