The Mobile Event

HEUG Mobile Event User Guide

Access the HEUG Mobile Event in your browser or download it to your mobile device to ensure you have the latest event and session information. 

Accessing HEUG Mobile Event 

Please note you will not be able to log in to the Mobile Event until you are registered.

Method 1: Desktop/Laptop

Go to https://heug.eventsential.org/Home/Details/117 in your browser to instantly access your event guide!

  • Click on the International Virtual Week 2021 event, then log in by using the same e-mail address password that you use to log in to HEUG.Online. 

The event data will automatically be up to date each time you visit the event in your browser.

Changing the Time Zone on your desktop/laptop:
From the "Schedule" tab click "Use Local Time" in the top right corner.

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Method 2: Mobile/Tablet

Go to the App Store and download the HEUG Events app for ANDROID or APPLE iOS

  • Click "Log in" at the top right then "Get Started". Create an Eventsential Account login by using the same e-mail address and password that you use to log in to HEUG.Online. 
  • Then click on the International Virtual Week 2021 event and log in again by using the same e-mail address and password that you use to log in to HEUG.Online.
  • Add sessions to your personal calendar by selecting a session and clicking the "Share" icon in the top right corner, then select "Add to calendar". Only available on the mobile app.

Changing the Time Zone on your mobile device:
When you initially log in to the Mobile Event you will receive a pop-up asking for your Time Zone Preference.
If you did not receive the pop-up you can follow these directions to change your time zone preference:

  • Click "More" at the bottom right then click your name to get to your profile.
  • Under "Event Preferences" click "Manage" and select "Use local time" under Date & Time Display.

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Session Scheduling 

It is imperative that you build your agenda before the conference begins as that is where Zoom links will be provided.

Download instructions on how to add sessions to your schedule.

Time Zone Preference

Please note by default, all dates & times are displayed in the time zone of the event (option 1) unless you change your preference.

Option 1: Use Event's Time - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04)

Option 2: Use My Time - This will display the local time zone from your device.
Preferred Choice

Instructional Videos

Time Zone Change on Mobile Device

Time Zone Change on Desktop

If you still need help accessing the HEUG Mobile Event please contact Regional-Support@HEUG.org.