Exhibitor Kit


The event will require a HEUG profile and registration.

Event Link


Registration opens 25 August 2021 for ALL exhibitors. 

To register for the event you will need your company code, which is the first three letters of your company name in all caps. 
For example, if my company name was HEUG my code would be 'HEU'. 

Registration Allocations*:

  • Major Sponsors have an unlimited amount of registrations
  • Sponsors have a total of (4).  

*Confirm your sponsorship level with our Exhibitor List.

Sponsor Registration

Exhibitor Meet & Greet

Exhibitor Meet & Greet sessions are available to all sponsors. Attendees will meet with our sponsors for 30 minutes through Zoom lines provided by HEUG. Sponsor representatives must register for each desired time slot(s) below.  This registration will confirm your timeslot(s) and presence for the meet and greets. Meet & Greet registration is separate from the event registration. Sponsor representatives must register for each separately. 

Deadline to participate was 1 October 2021

1. Make sure you are registered for the event. See the registration section above for instructions. Register Today.
2. Select a timeslot below. 
(All Meet & Greet times are displayed in US Eastern.)
3. Select the date that works for you. (Meet & Greet will take place from 26-28 October 2021, in the respective region.)
4. Finish your registration.

A HEUG team member will provide further Zoom details at a closer event date via email.

9:30 21:00

Meet & Greet times are displayed in US Eastern.

Sessions Submissions

Sponsor Sessions Due 18 August 2021

Please note that sponsors must have their presenters register for the event. Presenters DO NOT receive complimentary registration.

Submissions closed 18 August

Virtual Booth Submission Form

The Virtual Booth submission form is used to populate the virtual booth page in the app we are using.  You can submit multiple times, but please note we will use the most recent submissions for your booth. 

Before you submit you will need:

  • Logo (optional; PNG or JPEG image, no larger than 600×160px and no heavier than 200kB)
  • Company Description
  • Contact for booth with email and phone

Optional Items

  • Company social media profile links
  • Meeting link or calendar link for attendees to speak to a representative from your company (We make this a button)
  • Video for profile (Youtube or Vimeo)
  • Up to 3 marketing resources (EX. PDF Case Studies)
  • Exhibitor Meet and Greet

Virtual Booth Submission Form

Presenter Portal

Presenting provides an opportunity to build your professional network and experience lifelong learning with colleagues and friends. Presenting a content-rich session individually or as part of a team is a wonderful way to share knowledge, experiences, ideas, and engage in meaningful dialogs.

Presenter Portal


If we sponsor do our presenters get a full pass?

Yes, sponsors receive 4 passes and mjor level are unlimited. These passes are to be used for the presenters as well.

If a member asks someone from my company to present, do we need to be a sponsor?

Yes, the only way to participate in the event is to be a sponsor.

If I have a presentation that comes with sponsorship can I include a member to get a discount for them?

No, members presenting with sponsors under a sponsored presentation do not receive a discounted event pass.

Do I need to register as an attendee to present?

Yes, if you are going to present, or co-present you will need to be a registered attendee.

Will I get a list of attendees for my session?


Do I get a copy of the session survey?

No, we don't publish these responses. If you would like to request a copy you can email conference support 1 week post event.

Will our sessions be recorded?

Yes, we will be recording audio of ALL sessions to be played on demand post event.

Will I be able to poll the audience live during my session?

Yes, you can submit them through the presenter portal.

Do we get an attendee list?

As a sponsor the attendee list is sent our 3-4 weeks prior to the event and a post attendee list after the event.

Can I get a discount if I don't use my session(s)?


Will there be lead retrieval available?

No, this is a virtual event. Sponsors will receive attendee lists from their sessions.

Will there be a dedicated exhibitor time?

Yes, each region has a meet & greet for sponsors to causally interact with attendees in Zoom breakout rooms.

Can I sponsor or purchase a branding add-on without being an exhibitor?

No, you must be a sponsor.

Can I attend IVW without sponsoring?

No, you must be a sponsor.

How o I submit my virtual booth cotent?

Please submit booth content through the survey above.

If I have additional questions about virtual booth or logisitics who do I contact?

Contact Tom Chambers by email at ehxibitors@heug.org to reserve your spot.

How are sessions slotted?

Sponsored sessions have priority, but they are slotted on an as received basis. Sessions are NOT considered without a sponsorship in place.

Can I update my session?

Sessions need to be submitted with the most complete information possible. Minor changes are manageable up until about 45 days prior to the event. Minor changes include title, summary, etc.

Do I have to be a HEUG Member to present?

Vendors can present without a membership, all that is required is a sponsorship for Alliance. Institutions need a subscriber HEUG membership to present at a minimum.

Do I need a Pass if I am only setting up the virtual booth?

No, please contact Tom Chambers by email at ehxibitors@heug.org if you need a pass to access the app for setup.