International Virtual Week

19-22 OCTOBER 2020

Exhibitor List

All exhibitor content for International Virtual Week can be found in the Virtual Trade Show section of the HEUG Mobile Event. For login assistance and timezone preferences, please visit the Mobile Event page for more details. For information on the Exhibitor Passcode Game, as well as other events and contests, please visit the Networking & Contests page.

Major Sponsor Booth    
Appsian Appsian
MCX Administration Services BV MCX Administration Services BV
Oracle ADU Oracle ADU
Oracle Asia Oracle Asia
Sponsor Booth    
Deloitte Deloitte
DXC Technology DXC Technology
INK IT Solutions Pty Ltd INK IT Solutions Pty Ltd
Inoapps Inoapps
JsmPros JsmPros
Microsoft Microsoft
Nelnet International Nelnet International
TouchNet TouchNet
Weltronics Hyland Weltronics Hyland