International Virtual Week

19-22 OCTOBER 2020


Join the HEUG

The Higher Education Users Group (HEUG) has two membership levels within our organization. These two levels give all institutional members access to the benefits of the HEUG at the level of participation they desire. Our membership program also enables the HEUG leadership to continue the industry-leading advocacy, programs and events that our members enjoy. The two levels of membership are:

Institutional Member

For those institutions that would like to enhance the benefits they currently enjoy through the HEUG.Online and the HEUG, we offer our Institutional Membership. The Institutional Membership benefits are listed below:

  • Enables you to send your employees to the Alliance conference at a reduced rate. HEUG members saved a combined total of over $600,000 on Alliance conference fees last year.
  • Enables your employees to attend unlimited HEUG Education Series webinars for free. (Non-members pay $59 to attend per person).
  • Enables your employees to be eligible to serve on the HEUG Board and gain additional exposure with Oracle for your institution.
  • Enables your employees to be eligible to serve on the HEUG Product Advisory Groups and Technical Advisory Groups and have direct input to Oracle strategists on the development of the products.
  • Enables your employees to access Alliance session recordings enhancing your conference educational benefits long after the conference is over.
  • Access to HEUG.Online for all of your employees.


Subscriber Member

For those institutions that would like web site access to the HEUG.Online, the HEUG member site, with the ability to add on a-la-carte benefits such as webinars and full-price conference registrations. Subscriber members do not have the ability to run for or serve on the HEUG Board or Advisory Groups.


Enroll Today

To become a HEUG Institutional or Subscriber Member simply complete the Enrollment form below and send to or fax to 480-830-5411.

If your institution already has a group profile with HEUG.Online and you are looking for access to the website, please click the Request Login button found on the upper right hand side of this page. You will receive an email with your user name and password.