International Virtual Week

19-22 OCTOBER 2020


Welcome, New Members, to the HEUG!

If your institution of higher education has purchased any of Oracle Corporation’s application software or middleware products, then it is eligible to become a member of the Higher Education User Group (HEUG), and any employee of your institution is eligible to sign up for an account on HEUG.Online—and it’s all free!

We are an independent user group with our own governance structure and our own financial resources. While we work very closely and effectively with Oracle, we exist to represent the interests of our member institutions and are not beholden to Oracle or any other company.We have two primary purposes:

  • To facilitate the building of communities through the sharing of ideas, information and experiences among our members.
  • To provide a unified and effective voice to Oracle on all issues involving the use of Oracle application software in the Higher Education community. 

Want more Information? Click Here to download a document that will give you a more in depth overview. Click Here to download a Frequently Asked Questions document.

Want more Financial Information? Click Here to download a document that will give you a more in depth explanation of the HEUG Financial position.

Want to View the Original Presentations? Click Here to view the original two videos produced by the HEUG about the new business model.

Want to contact us directly? Contact Brittany Sarvis the HEUG Membership Manager at 602-734-5354 or


Here are some comments from a few of your higher education colleagues and Oracle staff about the role the HEUG has played:

With very limited professional development funds and few technical resources the Oracle/Peoplesoft Team at Lee College were able to apply what we learn at HEUG and PS training classes to complete five successful implementations/upgrades of Student Administration/Human Resources and Financials. The Alliance conference is our destination each year to discover the latest security tools, differences between upgrade versions and deployment strategies. The willingness of colleges and universities to share their successes, challenges and “lessons learned” is remarkable.

--Dr. Carolyn Lightfoot, Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology, Lee College


Through the HEUG Online site and the annual Alliance conference we are able to get a heads up on potential problems, learn how others have taken advantage of new features and have an understanding of the future directions of the applications. The interaction between users, Oracle staff and other vendors makes the Alliance Conference a real value for the dollars we spend to attend.

--Scott Johnson, Associate Registrar, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh


The HEUG plays an extremely important role in our Higher Education ecosystem. While the organization was founded mainly to provide feedback on our products, the HEUG’s independence and strong leadership has enabled them to evolve in ways that a company-funded organization cannot. Today, the HEUG is a primary resource for guiding Oracle’s investments in Higher Education, providing not only input on our products, but the strategic direction of our solutions and services. For customers, the HEUG is an invaluable resource for sharing of best practices and information as well as conferences expressly designed for the user community. The Oracle-HEUG relationship brings a level of service, support and collaboration for customers that is unmatched in the industry.

--Cole Clark, Global Vice President, Education & Research Industries, Oracle Corporation